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Patios are an extended part of any house that can be decorated in an exotic style with contemporary patio furniture. Patios can be used to entertain guests, for relaxing and entertainment with family and friends and many other activities. Even a simple patio can be decorated with a stylish range of outdoor furniture or if you own a large space you can furnish with a wide range of outdoor kitchen equipment and furniture pieces such as sofas, armchairs and dining tables.

Outdoor Room

You can create a dining room in the patio by installing a tile floor of decorative paver or flagstones. Surround the patio on two sides with rail fences and posts, and add a attractive wood-post fence and wire mash or a border of decorative shrubs such as forsythia or lilac. You can also add a wind chime and potted flowers to give a bright look to the area.

If you wish to create a patio kitchen, you can install a cooking area, counter and sink, seating and food storage containers. Add some plants and flowers into the design with designated planting areas in the patio. You can place some furniture such as a side table, comfortable chairs, and a patio fireplace.

Plants and Flowers

You can purchase your favorite trees, plants or shrubs to enhance the beauty of the patio. You can plant yellow-flowering forsythia in the surroundings of the patio or morning glories on the corners.

Boulders and Stones

Boulders and stones are an interesting design material for patios. You can place some stones on the corner of the patio and add a large boulder and arrange potted patio flowers and plants around them. You can also collect big stones around the edges of the patio to add texture and elegance to the area. You can also place two big boulders as a base for the bench by putting wooden planks over them.


You can choose a theme for the patio to give a fine look. To do this, you can incorporate daisies, baby’s breath, white roses and white patio furniture to give a white theme. For a Japanese garden theme, you can incorporate Japanese lanterns, some granite, and a cherry tree. To give a more personalized Japanese touch you may also add a “dry garden” to the patio by adding an area with sand which has designs scraped into it. Add some flowers that are attractive for the butterflies such as monarda, milk weed and butterfly bush for a butterfly theme.


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Patio Furniture

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This article was published on 2011/07/21