Finding a Proper Patio Canopy

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A patio canopy is often mistaken as a patio cover but it is not. A cover is often a fixture, part of the home while a canopy can either be attached or be portable. Patio canopies are also made of durable canvas materials that can stand up to harsh weather. Still some manufacturers will call their products canopies even though they are made of aluminum. When you think of patio canopies, Sunbrella may paint a better picture of what they are. They produce the best in heavy duty canvas canopies.

It does have some similarities to the patio cover. For instance, both provide shade and protection from the sun and rain. But typically a patio canopy is closer to an umbrella. They can be large and rectangular or come in the standard octagonal shape. They can stand alone or fit into tables. They can even be installed to cover your patio swing. You can basically get patio covers in any shape and size you need.

Being an outdoor furniture item the fabric the outdoor patio canopy is made of will be durable and weather treated. While you can always remove the cover and store it away it can also be trusted to endure any elements it comes up against. They will come clean easily should any debris dirty them up. The larger they are the more room you have to enjoy yourself with your guests. Whether it's pool side or just outdoors on a warm sunny day, patio canopies are a sure hit.

You can find all kinds of accessories with them as well. Lights can be hung under them. Some have eaves for further sun screening. You can even get them to fold all the way down for complete privacy. These will have a door that zips like a tent. A mesh netting will sometimes be included for protection against flying insects.

You can leave your canopy out all year long if you want. It's that durable. The canvas that is used is made with a coating of polyethylene and polyester fiber that is breathable and easy to clean. It is less prone to dry rot because of the safety coating too. Whatever need you have for a patio canopy, you know you are making a wise investment.

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Finding a Proper Patio Canopy

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This article was published on 2010/03/19